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A big THANKS for all the appreciation and insight into work of parametric curiosity !! People from around the world have liked this page and this has given us even more inspiration ! Keep following interesting videos to follow soon ! Any suggestions and advice is welcome for improving this page or if any of our viewer want some specific information on parametric design you are most welcome !!

The above image has been generated through a grasshopper program which takes a surface and populates it with circular towers of varying heights !


Waffle structure Model

This is the picture of fabrication process of a paper waffle structure. The production drawings for this structure was derived from bowerbird plugin in grasshopper 3d. This process is demonstrated in the preceding post

waffle structure using bowerbird plugin

Hello Architects and designers, In our design studio we often tend to investigate non euclidean forms for Architectural design. A prompt way for that can be using waffle structure. This video is an example of waffle structure created through a plugin called bowerbird. Its a lucid way to comprehend our forms by breaking them into x and Y sectional ribs. A model of the form generated in this video would be posted soon on Parametric curiosity Page.111

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Welcome to blog for Parametric curiosity

Hello all architects, designers and design enthusiasts from diverse fields. This is my first post to this blog. Well let me introduce you to Parametric curiosity and idea behind its conception.

Parametric curiosity was founded by Ar. Gaurav Goel in June 2016. I am a Post Graduate from University of Nottingham England. I hold a Masters in Architecture Technology from department of Architecture and built environment at Nottingham university. I have always being passionate about software in Architecture. Therefore, after my graduation I explored field of digital design and decided to pursue a specialized degree in this field.

During my time at university I was exposed to different digital technologies and fabrication procedures. Since then I am constantly self exploring this field of parametric design with help of books, seminars, webinars, guided tutorials and what not. I soon decided to turn my passion into a blog to showcase my digital explorations as well as share it with experts and enthusiasts in this field. Thereafter, I started Parametric curiosity as a facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/parametriccurosity/). This page has attracted experts, designers and academicians from all over the world. Henceforth, I have decided to run this blog too for more detailed information.

I would like you to welcome all to this blog and see my explorations in digital world of parametric design.